Jun. 1st, 2011

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So, this was incredibly difficult and also fun! I started it in October, after I saw the film for the first time...

According to last.fm, I listened to each of these songs 60-80 times in the process of putting the mix together. So, uh, this has taken some time? Also there are 35 tracks, because making decisions is hard! So this is more of a fanboxset, really, but I didn’t think anyone would mind... there's a download link for each song, and a .zip file of all the songs at the end of the post. If you need me to break that .zip down into smaller chunks, I think I'm able to do that, so let me know!

There are probably too many Cooper Temple Clause songs on here (three), but it’s not my fault that they wrote such an applicable album! And the title is from a Mountain Goats song, but not the one I used in the actual mix. Okay? Okay. Enjoy!


"I never met a man in my life whom I admired and loved more than you, but I never could show you how much your friendship meant to me, for you had much to give and I nothing."

(Captain Scott's last letter to JM Barrie, 23rd March, 1912.)

People Say Friends Don't Destroy One Another )

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