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Okay, in the developing tradition of Turning Tea Into Me, I am introducing her to my new baby fandom.

Mr. Charlie Brooker, etc.
Right, so. Charlie Brooker hates stuff. Especially bad telly. And bad news. And stuff.

And he is from Reading. Hahah I didn't know that before. Thank you Wikipedia. READING, FUCK YEAH. Etc.

Anyway. Charlie hates stuff very well, and so that is now kind of his career. But he wouldn't be so good at hating stuff if he didn't occasionally love stuff, too. And underneath the hating you can tell he really cares, it's wonderful.

The main sources of Brooker are the following:

His long-running column in the Guardian (it used to have a theme, but he exhausted that and carried on without). The link goes to all his writing for the paper, including his TV reviews which, obviously, he's quite well-known for by now.

His TV shows:
Screenwipe (starts here)
Newswipe (starts here)
Gameswipe (starts here)
&You Have Been Watching (here's a clip)
(&Nathan Barley, which you might have seen?)
(&Dead Set but I haven't seen it and it looks scary ._. )

And he has a twitter.

Other appearances include that one time on Buzzcocks, that one time on Have I Got News For You.

He is wonderful. And fluffy.

David Mitchell, etc.
David Mitchell hates things too, but in a more middle-class, adorable way. Stephen Fry calls it "angry logic", because Stephen Fry is a genius.

He is normally available in multipack form, as part of the lovely double act Mitchell and Webb. Rob Webb would be a bigger part of fandom, but he is a Man of Mystery. David Mitchell is a Man of Many Panel Shows instead, so we know more stuff about him and thus care more. Rob is still very nice, though.

The main sources of Mitchell are:

His TV shows:
Peep Show [this is a very good sitcom, but it is even more awkward to watch than the UK Office. I cannot cope.] (clip 1, clip 2, clip 3)
That Mitchell and Webb Look (clip 1, clip 2, clip 3)
The Bubble (clip 1, clip 2, clip 3)

His radio shows:
The Unbelievable Truth
That Mitchell and Webb Sound

His column in the Observer.

His Soapbox video/podcasts.

And he has a twitter.

Other appearances include Would I Lie To You?, Mock the Week, QI, Have I Got News For You, Just A Minute, Who Do You Think You Are?, various chat shows...

He is wonderful. And fluffy.

Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell: Together, they fight crime!, etc.
They flirt with each other. They do. Okay? They just do.
They flirt on twitter.
They flirt on telly.
They flirt on the radio.

Anyway, that is the basis for [ profile] brookerfic and [ profile] notdancers. Funtimes.

And I think that's basically the basics!
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