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Here's my contribution to [ profile] thesocialbbang! It's a fanmix for [ profile] quickpixie's excellent fic, with you in any water, in which Eduardo has Bipolar disorder.

Thanks to qp for being so forthcoming with her fic while it was still a work in progress, and for her help with picking a title! Also thanks to my flist for suggesting possible songs- especially [ profile] intrastellar, who suggested the KT Tunstall track I've used.

I've put up individual mediafire links for all the songs, and a .zip of everything on megaupload. Links are at the bottom of this post!

And I thought hearts were strong
a with you in any water fanmix

Patrick Wolf- Overture (download)
It's wonderful what a smile can hide
If the teeth shine bright and it's nice and wide
It's so magical, all you can keep inside
And if you bury it deep no one can find a thing, no

Diane Cluck- All I Bring You Is Love (download)
Don't you see I bring you only love
No matter what it looks like…

Le Tigre- Eau d’Bedroom Dancing (download)
I'm in the sky when I'm on my floor
The world's a mess and you're my only cure

Ryan Adams- I Taught Myself How to Grow Old (download)
I taught myself how to grow
'Til I was crooked on the outside, inside's broke
I taught myself how to grow old…
Most of the time I got nothing to say
When I do it's nothing and nobody's there to listen anyway
I know I'm probably better off this way
I just listen to the voices on the TV 'til I'm tired
My eyes grow heavy and I fade away

Graham Coxon- A Day Is Far Too Long (download)
And I thought pain was clean
And I thought hearts were strong
But bones aren't sticks anymore
And a day is far too long

The Accidental- I Can Hear Your Voice (download)
Don't want to go back
Don't know if I can
Got a full blown yellow attack
Got a big black bird on my back

The Mountain Goats- Maybe Sprout Wings (download)
A bad dream shook me in my sleep
And I woke up sweating
Ran through the dark to the shower
Already forgetting...
Try to think good thoughts
Trying to find my way clear

The Cooper Temple Clause- On. Off. On. (download)
We've got treatment, we've got city slick
Messages on the hush-hush
Machines can't work, this thing's got skin
Magazines and liars,
Hooks and chains to tear you down.

Joel Plaskett Emergency- Unconditional Love (download)
Hearts that are heavy
And souls that can't swim
Could drown in decisions
Before they begin

The Lucksmiths- California in Popular Song (download)
I think it only fair to warn you
All those songs about California lied
The stars won’t shine tonight
It isn’t going to be alright

Beck- Guess I’m Doing Fine (download)
Now I bade a friend farewell
I can do whatever pleases me.
It's only lies that I'm living
It's only tears that I'm crying
It's only you that I'm losing
Guess I'm doing fine

KT Tunstall- Funnyman (download)
Said you feel like a bruise
On a beautiful body.
And all the damage you do
Is so honest and true
I don't want to feel sorry for you.

The Research- I Love You But (download)
I love I love I love I love I love you
But I'm scared I'll fuck it up
It's not that I don't love you
I'm just scared I'll fuck it up

The Veils- The Nowhere Man (download)
If you want me
Then you've found me
With time out of mind

65daysofstatic- Don’t Go Down To Sorrow (download)

Malcolm Middleton- Fight Like the Night (download)
You can be my hero, by not letting me down
Not letting me down again, and being around
You can be my hero, by crawling into the rut
Crawling into the rut with me, and holding my chin up

Delays- Hideaway (demo arrangement) (download)
Without a second thought you found the words to explain me,
Without a second look you tried to open my mind,
Well I know that you are waiting and your patience is failing,
But I know that I’ll get there in a matter of time.

Laura Veirs- Make Something Good (download)
It’s gonna take a long long time,
But we’re gonna make something so fine.

(full .zip archive, megaupload, 105.6 MB)
(individual songs, mediafire folder)

If any of these links need to be reupped or repaired, please let me know!

And of course, if you like the songs, please support the artists financially by making purchases (where/when you can)!

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There's a meme around of posting bits from abandoned/WIP fic, so here's mine (because I'm procrastinating, again). I have a bundle.

The Social Network )

Brooker/Mitchell )

I do actually want a beta (or will do, when I've finished my dissertation) for Natural History Museum AU and Least said soonest mended. If anybody's up for that...?
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Okay, in the developing tradition of Turning Tea Into Me, I am introducing her to my new baby fandom.

Mr. Charlie Brooker, etc. )
David Mitchell, etc. )
Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell: Together, they fight crime!, etc. )


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