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(I am just posting this here because tumblr's being weird about messages, move along, move along!)

The Pipettes- I Love You
The Cure- Friday I'm In Love
Delays- Love Made Visible, One More Lie In
Jens Lekman- I Don't Wanna Die Alone, You Are the Light, Into Eternity, Kanske Ar Jag Kar I Dig
Joel Plaskett- Nowhere With You, A Million Dollars
The Magnetic Fields- Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits
The Mountain Goats- Broom People
Cat Power- Could We, Sea of Love
The Lucksmiths- Guess How Much I Love You, Adolescent Song Of Mindless Devotion, Sunlight in a Jar, Smokers in Love, Music to Hold Hands To
Malcolm Middleton- Bear With Me

Darren Hanlon- I Wish That I Was Beautiful For You
Herman Dune- When the Water Gets Cold and Freezes on the Lake, My home is nowhere without you
Delays- You and Me, The Earth Gave Me You, Unsung
Annie- My Love is Better
Arab Strap- Where We've Left Our Love
Diane Cluck- All I Bring You Is Love
Emmy the Great- First Love, If I Had Known The Last Time Would Be The Last Time I Would've Let You Enjoy It
The Mountain Goats- No Children, Woke Up New (JD deliberately tries to have gender-neutral narrators, so there's loads from him)
Joel Plaskett- Gone Gone Gone
The Magnetic Fields- (Crazy For You But) Not That Crazy, Absolutely Cuckoo, All My Little Words, How Fucking Romantic, I Don't Want To Get Over You
Malcolm Middleton- Fuck It I Love You, Love Comes In Waves, Somebody Loves You
The Cooper Temple Clause- All I See Is You, Connect
Belle and Sebastian- Desperation Made a Fool of Me, You Don't Send Me

Obviously I could carry on digging these up forever, because there are LOTS!
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