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Oh, hello Mike Skinner. Is there a reason you are here? Nice to see you, anyway.

Biggest museum ever! Nice!

"Hello sweetie"! The comedy aspects of Moffat are SO much better than RTD.

I'm liking this new-style River Song. And all the visual referencing of Bond.

"You leave the brakes on!" See? Splendid sense of humour! I love it.

Also, the bow-tie is still making me happy.

"It's a long story, and I don't know most of it." I like this adorable, frustrated little Doctor.

I'm not sure about River Song as a character, but I love the idea. The Doctor always meets people in strange orders for them, but (in New Who at least, I haven't seen the Old) we never see him experiencing that disorientation. It's nice to see him in situation where he doesn't have all the cards.

I still really can't make sense of Amy. Which is good, I think. She's interesting.

She did a one-eyed blink! Fuck yeah, Amy, that's what I always figured I would do! I love how measured she is with her fear, "What's it going to do with me? [DOES CLEVER SHIT] That was good, yeah? It was, wasn't it?"

I feel I should state here that I don't like being frightened. I actively avoid watching things that are scary.

"Are you sure about this?"

Nobody's ever going to respond to "Come and see this!" again, are they?

Okay, no. I have decided about Amy. She is wonderful, and the relationship between her and the doctor is even better. Ace.

Lol, Graham Norton.

OOH SUSPENSE! Etcetera. "That's extremely very not good"
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