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Birthdate:Sep 30
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
"When all is said and done,
leading a good life is better than keeping a good diary."

Hullo. I'm Jane. 21, occasionally too English for my own good. Studying literature, with the intention of teaching primary in a few years' time.

I run [info]perfect_teacup, a music RPG and [info]coopers_daily, a Cooper Temple Clause picture-blog.
I also moderate [info]thelibs_daily, and co-mod [info]merlinbbc!

The art on my FO banner is by Clare Caulfield.

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absolute power, adopting words, against the law, always having sweets, andy hamilton, anthony rossomando, art brut, authentic shit, bands that interview well, belle and sebastian, ben gautrey, black books, caitlin moran, cat power, ceramics, charlie brooker, clive's a positive thunderbird, dan fisher, david mitchell, delays, deus, didz hammond, dirty pretty things, doctor who, douglas adams, douglas coupland, dylan moran, eddie izzard, eddy temple-morris, emmy the great, fab moretti, fabrizio moretti, finding neverland, firefly, frank turner, franz ferdinand, friends and crocodiles, gavin and stacey, girl talk, good omens, green wing, hating the git wizard, herman d√ľne, humphrey lyttelton, in transit, isihac, jenny owen youngs, jens lekman, jeremy hardy, joel plaskett, joel plaskett emergency, john peel, jon harper, jon stewart, jonathan richman, june tabor, just a minute, kat flint, kieran mahon, linda smith, listen against, little joy, long train journeys, los hermanos, losers, low-budget-late-night-indie-shows, lupen crook, making rubbishy podcasts, malcolm middleton, marcus brigstocke, mark ronson, mark steel, mark watson, merlin, michael rosen, midimidis, mitch benn, mitchell and webb, mock the week, my imaginary tweeband, my spaceship has lasers, neil gaiman, never mind the buzzcocks, nina simone, obsessively documenting everything, old harry's game, outnumbered, party animals, peep show, peter pan, peter wildeblood, pictures for sad children, pointless period dramas, punt and dennis, radio four, radio plays, raymond briggs, records, rhysmix, richard siken, rilo kiley, robert webb, ryan adams, sam cooke, sarah haskins, scribbleboy, second hand bookshops, shappi khorsandi, simon armitage, songs with long titles, songs with spoken vocals, spaced, special needs, stand by me, stephen colbert, stephen fry, sugar rush, tea, teaching, terry pratchett, the accidental, the cooper temple clause, the daily show, the damn personals, the grauniad, the history boys, the it crowd, the libertines, the long blondes, the lucksmiths, the mountain goats, the news quiz, the now show, the organ, the social network, the strokes, the virgin suicides, the wave pictures, these united states, tim walker, tom bellamy, trashy list shows, vinyl, voice on tape, withnail and i
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