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There's a meme around of posting bits from abandoned/WIP fic, so here's mine (because I'm procrastinating, again). I have a bundle.

TSN, Amnesia AU (because there'll never be too many, I guess?):
But it's not insurmountable. All he has to do is find a phonebox, and call Mark. Dustin or Chris would be a thousand times more useful, but he only knows the one number off by heart, so Mark will have to do.

Andrew/Jesse RPF based on that ridiculous interview moment, and also inspired by Didz asking Aaron Delays: 'remember that time when you showed me yr synthesizers and it wasn't weird?' because, bless:
Andrew giggles, because he can never help it. Jesse smiles, pushing it further because Andrew’s still upright which there are definitely still more points to be won. Not that they actually score this with points, but still.

A TSN kinkmeme prompt: Mark has intense angsty unresolved one-sided feelings for Eduardo. Like serious mad pining.
So Wardo would bump into him, and if Mark’s drink spilled then Wardo would buy another, and they would talk about the weather whenever Mark didn’t want to do the talking. So they talked about the weather a lot.

Least said soonest mended: The depressing depression TSN AU fic I'd actually really, really like to finish someday (maybe over summer?), in which Eduardo breaks down after the breakup scene, instead of suing. And then Mark to the rescue, etc. Set to include the Brookerism of turning your TV on its side, for better misery-viewing, and a bunch of other nerdy references that will make me happy:
He seemed to have developed a severe aversion to ever being upright—Mark had caught him trying to sit up in an ad break, once, and saw tears spring in his eyes as the vertebrae aligned. Like everything else in this new and inexplicable arrangement, he wanted to put right the manageable details. He could feed Eduardo, make him get dressed every few days, and bring a new bottle of scotch and a bag of apples. He could make the aftermath of his decision easier for Wardo to bear, because this had never been part of the masterplan.

The Natural History Museum AU (aka.'No really I will finish this, I just have to pick an ending!'):
“I don’t have any notes....” Because he is an under qualified, illiterate fool, who forgot that journalism does actually require some… journalising. Journalistics. Journalisticing. Shit. And if it sounds like he might be whining the tiniest little bit, that’s probably just a misconception, because he obviously isn’t whining at all.

The one where Charlie scours the web:
This is ridiculous. Why are you doing this? Just because you’ve learned how to thoroughly research a person’s past media appearances doesn’t mean you should be doing it to David. And especially not at 3am. Get a grip, man.

from the meme: So you know the bit on WILTY where David reveals that his mobile phone's background is a picture of his carpet? He changes it to Charlie's carpet or sofa or, IDK, face.
Sod it. He leaned against Charlie’s shoulder a little, being careful not to jostle the hands that held the controller that killed the Nazis.

The one where Charlie gets a stomach bug:
Charlie’s front door is a bit of a fucking disaster. So when there’s a sudden burst of clattering and genteel cussing, Charlie’s head is half-filled with a new rush of pain, and half-rejoicing at David finally, finally making it back from the shops.

I do actually want a beta (or will do, when I've finished my dissertation) for Natural History Museum AU and Least said soonest mended. If anybody's up for that...?
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