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There's a meme around of posting bits from abandoned/WIP fic, so here's mine (because I'm procrastinating, again). I have a bundle.

The Social Network )

Brooker/Mitchell )

I do actually want a beta (or will do, when I've finished my dissertation) for Natural History Museum AU and Least said soonest mended. If anybody's up for that...?
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I just got spoiled for Doctor Who. BOO. I should've watched it already, though, so I guess I had it coming.

Anyway! Lyrics meme!

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Also, I said nothing on here about the fact that April 24th marks the anniversary of the Coopers splitting up. I don't know if there's really anything left to say about that, but yeah. Silly boys.
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Book meme- Opening lines )

Also, I am starting to think The Boys Are Back In Town might actually really be my proper favourite song.
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[ profile] billytaylor tagged me for this:

(1) Turn on your MP3 player.
(2) Go to SHUFFLE songs mode.
(3) Write down the first 15 songs that come up--song title and artist--NO editing/cheating, please.
(4) Choose 10 people to be tagged.

1. Lo Fi Fnk- Boylife
2. Prisonaires- Just Walking in the Rain (I've never actually listened to this before)
3. Odds- Someone Who's Cool (from a mix Cait made!)
4. Arctic Monkeys- Stickin' to the Floor (from Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts, aka the Good Old Days)
5. Herman Düne- Nickel Crome
6. Elle Milano- Believe Your Own Hype
7. Laura Peek and the Winning Hearts- The Verdict
8. The Cooper Temple Clause- Panzer Attack
9. Voxtrot- Kid Gloves
10. The Holloways- Nothing for the Kids
11. Lily Rae- Bad Film (oh hey! it's Lily!)
12. Delays- Jet Lag
13. Tyrannaosaurus Rex- She Was Born To Be My Unicorn
14. Dirty Pretty Things- You Fucking Love It (bootleg, London Astoria, May 2008)
15. The Bonzo Dog Band- Death Cab for Cutie (it still amuses that DCFC took their name from this song)

I can't be arsed to tag- do it if you feel like it.
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I promised this post to [ profile] blossomslut ages ago, so here it finally is:

50 songs I love, with pretty pictures and download links. Have at it :)

001. Besses O' The Barn Band - Bradford

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from [ profile] blossomslut:

- Open iTunes
- Look under 'Playlists' for 'Top 25 Most Played'
- List songs in the same order they appear

I don't have itunes but whatever )
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nicked off the lovely [ profile] realproof

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